Philosophy & Approach


In times of distress, it is natural to seek a guide, teacher, or healer. A counselor, therapist, or coach can be all of these things. More than just someone to listen to what you’re going through, a counselor provides a sounding board and opportunity for reflection, feedback and increased self awareness. A counselor can point out your blind spots and give you a different perspective on the issues you’re facing.

While a friend may simply agree with you to try and make you feel better, a good counselor will give you a fair and unbiased perspective in a way that is both caring and empowering. Ultimately this will do much more to change the trajectory of your problem in the future.

You do not need to be defined by your past, nor by your current patterns. Your story is just that – a story that can be changed or altered to reflect who you want to be. There are many ways for a person to find health, happiness, and enlightenment, and counseling is one of them.

Health Coaching and therapy are not about telling you what to do or not do, but about turning down the focus on behaviors or thoughts that don’t serve you and letting the ones that increase health and wellness shine through.


Hearing people’s stories – learning how a person’s past influenced who they become – has always fascinated me. I consider it an honor to bear witness to these stories and be able to help people change how they unfold. My approach is influenced by numerous techniques and philosophies, but my overall method is to look at the individual as both a unique entity and as part of a number of a number of larger systems.

I use a variety of techniques to help my clients improve their mental health and wellness. For trauma recovery, I use a technique called EMDR, which is shown to work quickly and effectively in reducing PTSD and related symptoms. I use Narrative Therapy to help you understand how you interpret your personal story and help you rewrite your autobiography into one that supports and strengthens you. I use Motivational Interviewing to help you figure out what makes you want to change and what’s important to you. My counseling approach is heavily influenced by Strategic Family Therapy and Family Systems, which recognizes that families are a complex microcosm in which every member is important, and an individual’s actions affect the whole. How you grew up in your family of origin creates a framework for how you interact with your romantic partners and with the rest of the world.

My health coaching practice may incorporate all of these techniques but also looks more at the bigger picture, focusing on goals around food, fitness, and overall wellness. Read more about my health coaching approach.

Regardless of the techniques, the most important factor predicting success in counseling or coaching is our personal connection – it doesn’t matter how good someone’s advice is, it’s not going to help you unless the person who’s giving it is someone you respect and trust. Although I work with a large variety of people, I know I’m not the best match for everyone. How can we find out if we’re a good fit and if what I offer is right for you? Schedule a no-risk, free consultation to find out!